Regulatory & Scientific Consulting Services

Since our beginning in 1988, we have focused on providing a professional service with responsibility to and respect for the many clients we serve. From our business operations in the USA and Europe, we are active in multiple market segments – requiring us to continually examine our service line and the structure necessary to deliver cost-effective and timely solutions to regulatory demands.

The world and the markets we serve continue to change. In the early days of our company, most of our clients were US-based with a primary focus on federal and state product registration goals. Our clients now include multinational firms which approach the regulatory process with an international perspective as they introduce new and existing products into a global marketplace. New technologies are increasingly employed in the research and development process, as science advances to ensure the human and environmental safety of chemical products. Keeping pace in our consultancy has required us to revisit our service offering and company structure on a frequent basis – to envisage the “big picture,” but not lose focus of our mission to deliver our best for each individual client and project.

As a company, CSI’s strength has come not only from being able to change with industry trends, but by anticipating and applying new regulatory and scientific strategies to add value to client product development and registration pathways. Since 1988, we have seen many turning points and we retooled as we continued to stay ahead of key regulatory and scientific events on behalf of our clients. Along the way, we have celebrated many project successes, extended our global outreach, and increased our scope as a regulatory and scientific consulting firm. In undertaking these accomplishments, we have maintained standards of professional integrity and business ethics as a partner in each client’s success.