CSI Senior Consultant Robin Blake Presenting at Royal Society of Chemistry Meeting Agriculture Sector and Water Science Forum – The Agriculture Water Interface: Current Topics, London, UK – 1 November, 2018

The Royal Society of Chemistry Meeting Agriculture Sector and Water Science Forum – The Agriculture Water Interface: Current Topics is right around the corner.  Compliance Services International (CSI) staff Senior Consultant, Robin Blake will be attending and presenting at the Burlington House, Picadilly, London, UK – 1 November, 2018.  If you are going to be in attendance and would like to have a conversation regarding CSI’s global regulatory and scientific consulting services, please contact Robin directly while at the meeting or call CSI directly (Tel: +44 (0)131 445 6080).

  • Robin Blake – Senior Consultant

This one-day meeting has three distinct themes covering the Industry Perspective, Regulatory Issues and the Monitoring and Fate of Pollutants.

This event brings together leading academics, regulators and industry experts to discuss current issues on how water quality and quantity is impacted by agricultural activities.

The meeting will be of interest to those involved in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture and land management
  • Water industry personnel
  • Manufacturers, suppliers and users of plant protection products
  • Research organisations
  • Academia and early career researchers
  • Analytical equipment and service providers
  • Water engineers and environmental consultants
  • Regulators – EA, NRW, SEPA, NIEA, DWI
  • Regulatory affairs and compliance
  • Non-Governmental Organisations – Rivers and Wildlife Trusts

Join us in celebrating CSI’s 30th Anniversary in 2018!

Compliance Services International (CSI) is a leading regulatory consultancy providing innovative solutions for organizations faced with regulatory and environmental challenges. CSI’s experienced scientists and regulatory specialists in the USA and the EU provide innovative approaches to solving regulatory and environmental challenges – combining traditional sciences with developing technologies to deliver economically sensible and scientifically sound results. Whether we serve you in the field, laboratory, courtroom or boardroom, we apply our knowledge of regulatory guidelines and scientific principles to ensure your regulatory success.

To learn more about CSI, please visit our website (www.complianceservices.com) or Contact Us at info@complianceservices.com.

For a complete list of events that CSI will be attending in 2018, please visit our Events page.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

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