CSI Staff Presentations at SETAC North America Conference

20 November, 2013

CSI’s risk assessment team made several technical presentations at the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee (November 17-21, 2013).  Cliff Habig presented “Beyond Screening Level Assessments for Terrestrial Vertebrate Risk Assessments” and “Risk Assessment for Terrestrial Vertebrates from Soil-Incorporated Pesticides.”  Bernalyn McGaughey provided a perspective on “Endangered Species Evaluations: Providing a Stable Platform Leading to Compliance with FIFRA and ESA Standards.”  Note: PDF copies of these poster presentations can be obtained by clicking on the “Reports & Presentations” page of this website.

Jeff Giddings co-authored multiple presentations at the meeting, including “Addressing Uncertainty in Aquatic Exposure Assessments of Agricultural Pyrethroid Use on Multiple Crops”, “Beyond the Screening Level: Higher-Tier Ecological Risk Assessments of Pyrethroid Insecticides”, “National Surface Water Vulnerability Assessment of Agricultural Pyrethroid Use on Multiple Crops for Higher Tier Exposure Modeling”, “Pyrethroid Concentrations and Biological Effects in the Lower America River”, “Compilation and Evaluation on Environmental Residue Monitoring Data for Synthetic Pyrethroids”, and “Identifying Best Available Ecotoxicology Data for Assessing Potential Risks of Pesticides to Endangered and Threatened Species and Their Habitats.”  For information on these presentations, contact JGiddings@complianceservices.com

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