CSI Staff Presentations at the 2015 CLA/RISE Spring Conference, Arlington, VA

CSI President/CEO, Bernalyn McGaughey and fellow staff consultants presented the following presentations at the 2015 CLA/RISE Spring Conference – Arlington, VA – April 22-24, 2015.  Please find the presentations below:

FESTF Posters for 2015 CLA_RISE Conference_FINAL_Page_1FIFRA Endangered Species Task Force (FESTF): Best Available Data to Meet FIFRA Endangered Species Assessment RequirementsMcGaughey CLA Spring Conference 2015

The Endangered Species Act: Providing Stepping Stones for the Path Forward




Additional poster presentations by Jeff Giddings, Principal Consultant for CSI:
Summary and Interpretation of Monitoring Data for Synthetic Pyrethroids In U.S. Surface Water and Sediment
Higher-Tier Risk Characterization of Agricultural Uses of Synthetic Pyrethroids: Species Sensitivity Distributions, Species Response Distributions, Risk Quotients, Joint Probability Curves, and Risk Statements
Aquatic Risk Assessment of Agricultural and Residential Uses of Pyrethroid Insecticides in the US: An Overview

Jeff Giddings was also co-author on the following presentations:
– Multi-Year Temporal and Spatial Evaluation of Pyrethroid Concentrations and Biological Effects in the Lower American River
– New Approach to Modeling Pesticide Potential Aquatic Exposure in Urban Residential Environments: Application in a National Ecological Risk Assessment
– Comparative Sensitivity of Laboratory and Field Populations of Hyalella Azteca to Pyrethroid Insecticides and Ambient Stormwater Samples

For more information on the presentations, please visit our Reports and Presentations page on our website (www.complianceservices.com) or contact us at info@complianceservices.com to learn more about CSI.

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