CSI Staff Presentations at SETAC North America Conference

CSI’s risk assessment team made several technical presentations at the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts (November 13-17, 2011). Jeff Giddings presented The Relative Sensitivity of Macrophyte and Algal Species to Herbicides and Fungicides An Analysis Using Species Sensitivity Distributions. Cliff Habig provided a perspective on Next Steps in Endangered Species Risk Assessments, while Ashlea Frank covered Spatially Defining Relationships Between ESA listed Species and Pesticide Uses in Agricultural Crops. In addition to these poster presentations, Cliff Habig provided a platform presentation on Comparative Sensitivity of Fish to EDSP Testing and Standard EPA Pesticide Testing.

Note: PDF copies of the above poster presentations can be obtained by clicking on the “Reports & Presentations” page of this website.

In addition to the above presentations, Bernalyn McGaughey, CSI’s President/CEO, was an invited guest speaker at the Women in SETAC luncheon, where she addressed “Leadership and Mentorship: The Life Cycle of a Professional Woman in Science”.

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