CSI Senior Consultant Attending the 2018 California Water Boards Science Symposium – Sacramento, CA, June 21-21, 2018

Come join Compliance Services International (CSI) Senior Consultant Jeff Wirtz as he attends the 2018 California Water Boards Science Symposium: Adapting in the Face of Landscape Change in Sacramento, CA, June 20-21, 2018.

If you are going to be in attendance and would like to have a conversation regarding CSI’s regulatory and scientific consulting services, please contact Jeff (JWirtz@complianceservices.com), while at the meeting or call CSI directly (Tel: 253.473.9007).

From the meeting organizers: “The Water Board’s Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) is hosting the 3rd Annual California Water Board’s Science Symposium. This year’s Symposium will address the theme of Adapting in the Face of Disruptive Landscape Change. Presentations and posters will describe how to collect, manage, and communicate monitoring information in anticipation of landscape change in response to long-term drivers such as climate change, population growth, and land use change, as well as rapid drivers such as fires, droughts, and floods.”

The following subject areas will be a focus of the 2018 symposium:

  • Historical Ecology – What can history tell us about relationships between land use and water resources as urban, suburban, peri-urban and rural landscapes have changed over time in CA?
  • Climate Change as a driver in water resource management.
  • Fire as a driver in water resource management.
  • Cannabis as a new driver in water resource management.
  • Contaminants – The impacts on water resources of emerging contaminants, legacy contaminants, contaminants from fires, and contaminants from other sources; new methods for monitoring.
  • Proactive Water Resource Monitoring – Are we collecting the right data and generating the right information to manage water resources in changing landscapes?

Join us in celebrating CSI’s 30th Anniversary in 2018!

Compliance Services International (CSI) is a leading regulatory consultancy providing innovative solutions for organizations faced with regulatory and environmental challenges. CSI’s experienced scientists and regulatory specialists in the USA and the EU provide innovative approaches to solving regulatory and environmental challenges – combining traditional sciences with developing technologies to deliver economically sensible and scientifically sound results. Whether we serve you in the field, laboratory, courtroom or boardroom, we apply our knowledge of regulatory guidelines and scientific principles to ensure your regulatory success.

To learn more about CSI, please visit our website (www.complianceservices.com) or Contact Us at info@complianceservices.com.

For a complete list of events that CSI will be attending in 2018, please visit our Events page.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

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