CSI Principal Consultant Author of Two Part Paper in the Journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 2015

John Frew, CSI Principal Consultant, is the lead author of a two part paper published in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Vol. 34, No. 11, pp. 2533-2541 and pp. 2542-2548, 2015.  The title of the paper is, Assessing the Risk to Green Sturgeon from Application of Imidacloprid to Control Burrowing Shrimp in Willapa Bay, Washington – Part I: Exposure Characterization and Part II: Controlled Exposure Studies.

For more information or to receive a copy of the paper, please contact John directly (JFrew@complianceservices.com).

Please visit our Reports and Presentations page on our website (www.complianceservices.com) or contact us at info@complianceservices.com to learn more about CSI.

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