CSI President/CEO, Bernalyn McGaughey Presented at the 2016 Aquatic Plant Management Society (APMS) Annual Meeting

CSI President/CEO, Bernalyn McGaughey presented at the 2016 Aquatic Plant Management Society (APMS) Annual Meeting – Grand Rapids, MI – July 17-20, 2016.  The APMS Annual Meeting surely was an informative and successful meeting for the education, scientific, and operational advancement of aquatic plant management.  As Ms. McGaughey quotes in her presentation, “In any approach to the FIFRA/ESA conundrum, a proactive strategy will curtail lost uses and delayed new registrations and will be important to regulatory success and sustainability.” 

Please find the presentation below:

At the Front of a Storm: What Emerging Federal Processes for Endangered Species Risk Assessment will Mean to the Registration of Aquatic Herbicides, Bernalyn McGaughey.

For more information on the presentation, please visit our Reports and Presentations page on our website (www.complianceservices.com) or contact us at info@complianceservices.com to learn more about CSI.

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