CSI President Author of Appendix of Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation (AERF) Publication

Biology and Control of Aquatic Plants CoverBernalyn McGaughey, CSI President/CEO, is author of Appendix C of a publication by the Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation (AERF): Biology and Control of Aquatic Plants: A Best Management Practices Handbook – Third Edition.  The Third Edition of the popular manual is available online as a PDF file on the AERF website at:  http://www.aquatics.org/bmp.html

Appendix C: A Discussion to Address Your Concerns: Will Herbicides Hurt Me or My Lake

AERF describes the edition: “The first and second editions of the manual were some of the most widely read and used references in the aquatic plant management community.  The third edition has been specifically designed with the water resource manager, water management association, homeowners and customers and operators of aquatic plant management companies and districts in mind… providing for basic scientifically sound information to assist decision makers.”

More information on the publication can be obtained by emailing BMcGaughey@complianceservices.com.

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