Compliance Services International (CSI) – Providing Environmental Compliance Support for Infrastructure Projects

Providing Environmental Compliance Support for Infrastructure Projects

Is your company preparing for the new federal push on infrastructure projects or are you in need of environmental compliance support for infrastructure related projects?  Let Compliance Services International (CSI) help you navigate through the regulatory maze of environmental impact and assessment. CSI sees the circumstances leading to an increase in infrastructure projects and our knowledge and experience can provide value in strategic thinking to give you an edge in the competitive bidding process.  We can serve as a subcontractor to meet the needs of partner legal, construction, engineering, and consulting firm contractors involved with infrastructure projects. For over 30 years, CSI has helped our clients with impact assessment of pesticide use for invasive species control, aquatic herbicide projects at the state-level with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and Endangered Species Act (ESA) assessments/evaluations as they relate to listed endangered and threatened species for local, state and federal regulatory compliance.


Founded in 1988, CSI excels at providing sound regulatory, scientific and environmental solutions. we offer cost-effective consultation and management strategies to construction and infrastructure clients across the globe. CSI is a Woman-Owned Business (WOB), headquartered in Lakewood, WA and in Edinburgh, Scotland in the EU. For further details about CSI, our regulatory and scientific support services offered, and staff profiles, please visit our website at

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