Bernalyn McGaughey, CSI President/CEO Highlighted in CLA’s This Week & Next Newsletter

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B. McGaughey_041816From her love of bugs at a young age, Bernalyn McGaughey already knew that biology and entomology were in her future.  Although she didn’t see a future combining her interests with crop protection early on, Bernalyn quickly learned the industry and became an agricultural chemist through her first job at Shell.  It was a rare jump for women to join the field and for Bernalyn, she was the first in Illinois!  Today Bernalyn enjoys her passion in the field at her own business, Compliance Services International (CSI), where she has been an employer for over 30 years.  CSI has been a great fit for Bernalyn, where she is able to be herself. Because of that, her business has survived and grown.  CSI has expanded its offices to Edinburgh, Scotland, an area where Bernalyn has been able to extend her “family.” Being the expert that she is in data evaluation, chemical research, toxicological use of chemicals and study monitoring, Bernalyn cannot see a better career fit for herself; even though her fifth grade personality test chose her best future career option to be a cowboy! Thanks to Bernalyn for all her active engagement in CLA committee work!

To learn more about Bernalyn McGaughey, please click her picture or this link to view her professional bio as posted on our website.

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