Applied Economic Research and Agricultural and Food Policy Economic Analysis

Applied Economics Support and Benefit Assessments Related to Problem Formulation / Analysis – Regulatory Decisions / Agricultural Policy

Compliance Services International (CSI) has brought to our clients
regulatory success and technical strength in addressing the complex
interface of FIFRA and ESA for over 30 years. To complement our
expertise in GIS technology and knowledge of risk assessment and
species biology, we offer applied economic research and agricultural
and food policy economic impact analysis support.
We can provide
clients with an idea of how economics can support the FIFRA
registration and review process, as well as offer direction for exploring
mitigation options, such as targeted conservation strategies.

Pesticide Registration and Review: Assessing Benefits

FIFRA requires that pesticides registered by EPA in the US do not cause
“unreasonable adverse effects on man or the environment” and take into
“account the economic, social, and environmental cost and benefits of
the use of any pesticide.” To meet this requirement during the
registration and registration review process, EPA conducts benefit
assessments taking into account both biological and economic factors.
In late 2018, EPA provided suggestions on the types of information
registrants could provide to assist EPA review the benefits of the
pesticides as part of the registration process.

Additionally, under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the
California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) is required to
“consider qualitative factors as well as economic and technical factors
and long-term benefits and costs, in addition to short-term benefits and
costs and to consider alternatives to proposed actions” (2019 CEQA
Statute and Guidelines). In order to better inform the Environmental
Impact Report (EIR) and the feasibility of alternatives and mitigations,
applicants can provide documentation outlining the benefits of the
pesticide to growers in California.

We work with clients to characterize use and provide background
information on pesticide usage, including incorporating the agronomic
and economic significance
of the product. Our background in
production agriculture and economics provides the opportunity to assist
clients in:

  • Providing public comments on proposed registration decisions, use profiles, benefits assessments, critical habitat determinations, and other topics related to agriculture and pesticide uses.
  • Developing benefits information for submission during FIFRA registration and review, and during California pesticide registration.

Economic Impact Analysis

To support FIFRA registration and review and public comment
development on biological opinions and critical habitat designations, our
toolbox includes AGSIM, a multi-crop aggregate economic model of
supply and demand for crop production in the US that can be used to
estimate the price, farm income, and consumer consequences of
proposed policies. AGSIM can be used to investigate a variety of topics
related to agriculture.

Conservation and Mitigation Options

We work with clients to explore conservation and mitigation options,
such as targeted conservation, to help mitigate potential risk to species.
We combine our knowledge of economics, species, conservation, and
agricultural systems to help clients understand potential impacts of
various mitigations, providing them with information and solutions that
are invaluable in the registration process and beyond.

Agricultural Policy

We provide clients with advice on emerging regulatory and
agricultural policy topics
that may impact current and future
registrations, as well as global agricultural production. Our focus is on
providing recommendations on approaches to analyze the economic
impact of regulatory and agricultural policy.

We can also provide background and perspective on proactive policy
options from mainstream economics.

If you would like further information about CSI’s services in the Applied Economics Support and Benefit Assessments sector, please Contact Us.