CSI in the USA

CSI was formed in Washington State in 1988 to provide various regulatory and scientific consulting services to chemical companies. CSI’s original structure allowed us to serve as a supplementary source of research and development and regulatory expertise or to provide complete support in these areas, if needed.

We still largely operate under this model, serving both large and small companies with various services. From corporate headquarters in Lakewood, WA, we have expanded our U.S. locations to include satellite offices in Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina and Florida.

Our diverse staff of regulatory professionals and scientists develop strategic approaches to meet specific, often unique, project needs. We utilize creative approaches to solving regulatory and environmental challenges – combining traditional sciences with developing technologies to better characterize product, environmental and risk management concerns.

Our Services Include:

  • Product Registration (Pesticides / Antimicrobials / Biopesticides / Biostimulants / Fertilizers / Adjuvants)
  • US Agent Representation
  • Contract Research Management / Study Monitoring
  • Human Health / Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Endangered Species Assessment
  • Exposure Modeling and Spatial Analysis
  • Endocrine Disruptor (EDSP) Support
  • Agricultural and Food Policy Economic Analysis
  • Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) Tolerance Support
  • Toxicology / Ecotoxicology Consultation
  • Data Waiver Requests
  • Data Compensation / Litigation Support
  • Task Force Representation / Management
  • Information Systems