2020 ACS Fall National Virtual Meeting Symposium: Integrating Species Conservation with Pesticides from Bench to Market

2020 ACS Fall National Virtual Meeting and Exposition – August 17-20, 2020

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Integrating Species Conservation with Pesticides from Bench to Market

Cosponsored by AGFD

Leah M. Duzy, and Ashlea Frank, Compliance Services International, Jody Bickel, Creekbank Associates, Manojit Basu, CropLife America, T. Burd, Syngenta, Kathryn Bissell, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Huizhe Jin, Bayer Crop Science, Zijiang Yang, Univ. Maryland, Organizers.

Pesticide registrants, regulators, and end-users must balance crop and non-target species protection when making decisions about pesticide registration and use. Throughout the course of pesticide development, registration, and use, opportunities exist to implement avoidance, minimization, and mitigation measures though clear and well-defined industry strategies. This symposium will follow pesticides from bench to market with a focus on how ESA species impact assessment and consultation processs intersect with the FIFRA risk assessment process.

The 260th ACS Fall National Virtual Meeting and Exposition (50th Anniversary) is right around the corner.  Several regulatory and technical consulting staff members from Compliance Services International (CSI) will be in attendance, presenting and will be available for consultation throughout the meeting.  CSI is pleased to be a sponsor for the AGRO Division.  If you are going to be in attendance and would like to have a conversation regarding CSI’s regulatory and scientific consulting services, please contact CSI by e-mail (Info@complianceservices.com) before or during the virtual meeting.

Please plan to visit with our scientific and regulatory experts during the meeting who are involved with fostering sustainable agriculture and protecting public health and the environment through chemistry and within this year’s theme of “Moving Chemistry From Bench to Market.”  Contact the following staff directly or call CSI directly (Tel: +1 253 473 9007).


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